"It takes heart to live in even ordinary times"  (Rick Hanson). As humans, we can become depressed, anxious, angry, overwhelmed and even forget who we are. That is why it helps to have a guide, especially during times of transition and change. Maybe your life looks OK on paper, but you still feel anxious or depressed. As a collaborative therapist, I can help you access the wisdom within you to take heart even when the bottom falls out.  With my help, you can ride out the storm and gain perspective, without minimizing your pain.

I am here to reduce your distress during pregnancy and the postpartum year. I can support you through general or perinatal trauma, and parenting in the early years.  I can help you process a miscarriage, still birth or infertility or support you during early adulthood, menopause, your empty nest, career transition or any difficult life change.

If you are anxious, depressed, angry/rageful, experiencing intrusive images/thoughts that flash through your mind, or feel like you are "losing it", please seek the help that you need and deserve.  Even if you are just having more bad days than good, you still deserve to feel better! 

Dr. Buysse specializes in women's mental health issues, and provides psychotherapy and support for women in all life's transitions. She is experienced in working with teenagers, young and mid-life adults, and women of any age struggling to find their way. Dr. Buysse sees clients with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, depression, work-life balance and relational issues. She has specialized training in trauma, whether it's perinatal, single incident events like car accidents, or more long-term relational trauma . She has offices in Edmonds and Everett, Washington.  Please also feel free to visit her Facebook page, "Mothering Voice".

Current clients please call 425-249-9618 or click on Therapy Appointment to communicate via secure email. You will need your login and password.

If you need to register as a new client online,  please go to the "Getting Started" section of this website.

For medical emergencies, call 9-1-1 or head directly to your nearest hospital emergency room.

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To the mom struggling with postpartum depression, you are not alone.