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Recommendations for Screening for PMADs for pediatricians

For the family practice providers, please click here for the Postpartum Depression Toolkit.

For pediatricians, please click here for the Colorado Postpartum Pediatric Screening Toolkit and here for the Clinical Report on Incorporating Recognition and Management of Perinatal and Postpartum Depression Into Pediatric Practice .

For obstetric providers, please click here  ACOG District II Perinatal Depression Screening Toolkit

For assessing suicide risk, see this article by Karen Kleiman in Psychology Today

For guidelines on medication,  visit

Perinatal screening recommendations from ACOG:

Scientific Papers and Handouts on Perinatal Issues Including Medications during the Perinatal Period:

For evidence-based birth information:

Birth Plans and all thing birth:


Postpartum Depression Scale:

Perinatal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Questionnaire (PPQ)

Self Assessment of Maternal Distress After a Difficult Birth

Lifestyle Effects Screening (go to after birth and then hospitalization)


Professional Books on Postpartum Mood Disorders


  • Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy and the Postpartum: Principles and Treatment (Current Clinical Practice)
    by Victoria Hendrick (Editor)

  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Review of Psychiatry
    by Lee S. Cohen

  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders: A Guide
    by Cheryl Tatano Beck, Jeanne Watson Driscoll

  • Perinatal & Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Health Care Practitioner
    by Susan Dowd Stone, Alexis E. Menken (editors)

  • Therapy and the Postpartum Woman: Notes on Healing Postpartum Depression for Clinicians and the Women Who Seek their Help
    by Karen Kleiman 





  • When Words Are Not Enough: The women's prescription for depression and anxiety
    by Valerie Raskin

  • Medications and Mother’s Milk: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology
    by Thomas Hale


    General books and books for patients can be accessed by going to the resource page.