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Three Reasons to Work with Me


1)      I can help you feel better. As a trained perinatal and trauma therapist and experienced parent educator, I have the ability to get you on the right track sooner rather than later. I am integrative, always considering how your biological health intersects with your social and emotional needs.

2)      I care, not just as a professional but as a woman and mother.  I’ve been in the trenches.  If you are a mom, rest assured that I remember the intense early years of parenting that includes anxiety, sleep deprivation and lack of self care.

3)     For all women, I can guide you in finding another way, one that addresses your unique needs. Whether or not you are a mother,  I can nurture you as a woman and empower the “mothering voice” within you.


Dr. Buysse is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in women's issues including those relevant to pregnancy, early adulthood, the postpartum period, and menopause.  She also works with parents and parenting issues especially for children aged 1 through 6.  She has a private practice in Everett and Edmonds, Washington.  Dr. Buysse received a doctoral degree from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California in 2000. She did her postdoctoral training at the Infant-Parent Program at San Francisco General Hospital.  She worked as a parent education at Edmonds Community College for ten years. She has Level 2 training in both Sensorimotor and EMDR psychotherapy, actively working towards advanced levels of training in both modalities.

Dr. Buysse is a member of Perinatal Support Washington (PS-WA) and the American Psychological Association.  As a feminist therapist, she works collaboratively with her clients always mindful that it takes two experts to figure out the sticking points.  Dr. Buysse is the proud mother of two daughters.  She has better and worse days as a mother, much like many parents.